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What we can we offer your school?

Free Native plants.

Every March and August we accept applications for our plant giveaway.  Your school only needs to write (or email) us a short letter describing the planting you would like to undertake.  This must be on a school site or in a community area if you have permission.  The letter needs to include a maximum number (most times we offer approx 100-150 plants) to ensure we do not overwhelm you. Please provide details of planting site conditions such as full sun or shade, wet or dry and maximum height desired. If you have a desired plant list that can be helpful; although we cannot always supply exact plant matches, we can offer alternatives. All plants are of a smaller 1L grade with many grown in recycled milk containers.  A contact number is important. We are also happy for schools to apply each and every year.

School Visits

One of our staff can visit your school for talks to pupils. We talk about the reasons we grow and plant natives, discuss biodiversity, why we should plant native trees, and various plants that are beneficial for plantings. A display of plants would be bought along so we can discuss the plants and make it more of an experience for the pupils. We are always happy to assist with the needs of the teachers.

Nursery Visits.

We provide nursery tours on weekdays.  These can range from 1 hour tours to full day hands on events where students are involved in potting plants and general nursery duties.  We can also offer work experience opportunities for older students.

For more information please contact Steve Bush at the nursery.



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