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Can we FIX it, YES WE CAN.

Welcome to the home of the Trees for Canterbury Carbon Calculators.

We’ve all become familiar with the idea that we have a limited amount of atmosphere and that we are affecting this atmosphere at a rate unheard of in the past. While the scale of climate change is immense, we can all make a difference by PLANTING TREES. The trees of Trees for Canterbury help FIX carbon dioxide emissions from our everyday lives into REGENERATING NATIVE FOREST. Can we FIX it, YES WE CAN.

Our carbon calculator is for small to medium sized business’ and you as an individual to simply work out the approximate carbon footprint that you currently have. Our figures are based on information that is relevant to New Zealand conditions rather than overseas.

Please follow the link to the calculator that best suits you.

When you have worked out your footprint you will see the number of trees required to offset your carbon footprint this year. You can then purchase plants, which we will plant at one of our community plantings during our planting season. All proceeds from your purchase go directly to the propagation and growing of the plants. There is no administration fee or hidden costs. The sites we are currently working at are  listed here and you would be welcome to join us on the day. More information regarding our plantings can be found on this site including our planting registration form.

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